View Floor Plans For our Granny Flats

These Granny Flats are included in Cavco's CLE series. Double click here to view standard features.

San Diego County and most city municipalities allow for a second dwelling as a medical care unit, also called a granny flat. There are some site limitations determined by location, lot size and state law. Permits are a must, but we handle this for you in our design phase. The homes we show on this web page reflect some we have installed that are legal in San Diego County.

You can even include some custom design choices, such as:

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1 Beds: | 1 Baths
441 Sq.Ft. | 11.1 ft. x 37.5 ft.



2 Beds | 2 Baths
640 Sq.Ft. \ 13 ft.4" x 48 ft.



2 Beds | 2 Baths
800 Sq.Ft. | 20 ft.x 40 ft.



2 Beds | 1 Bath
800 Sq.Ft. | 20 ft.x 40 ft.



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